Superior Market Data & Research

The most comprehensive database of properties, current owners, chain of ownership, recorded seller’s & buyers, active buyers & 1031 exchange buyers combined together make for an unmatched arsenal of information & understanding of the local market.

Property Performance Analysis

As an added benefit of working with the Alexanian Advisors, we sit down with you and go over your income expense sheet & operational areas that can save money or increase collections. Many often assume that capital improvements can be a costly expenditure that don’t translate into an increase in N.O.I.  We have many clients that can attest to the opposite after showing them minor investments, typically cosmetic updates, which not only increase NOI but ensure more retention.

Tailor Made Opinion Of Value

Unlike the traditional model of analyzing apartments, our state of the art system allows for us to unlock unseen value and in turn push the needle on price, every time. Each property is different and that exactly how we look at your investment. Our ability in this area ensure that no money is left on the table.

Maximizing Your Assets

  • Relentless dedication to delivering highest price – As evidenced by our record breaking transactions (linked to in the numbers) we able to craft demand creating competition and harnessing market drivers to stretch value for our clients.
  • Targeted buyer pools – Since not all properties re the same, neither are the buyers. Our database is unlike any other and allows for us to ensure we are reaching high probability candidates
  • Unmatched outreach – Dedicated marketing specialists that strategically release, expose monitor and modify marketing materials in real time. Ability to market local assets to global audience.
  • Transparent communication & reporting – Real time weekly or bi weekly marketing reports showing outreach and feedback
  • Portfolio Performance – We have been highly effective in noticing both financial and physical areas of potential improvement in a property, both for the long term hold or pre marketing positioning.
  • Leveraging 120,000 specialists – The KW network spans across 700 offices globally, incorporating 120,000 real estate specialists.

1031 Tax Differed Exchanges


60 Day Marketing & 60 Day Escrow;

Phase 1

60 Day

Phase 2

60 Day

Phase 3

45 Day

Phase 4

135 Days
to Close

Phase 5

We look forward to sitting down with you and illustrating exactly how the 1031 exchange will not only increase your current cashflow, but minimize management while multiplying your equity position.

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