Glendale ends COVID rent freeze, adopts AB 3088 repayment schedule

The city of Glendale has allowed its COVID-19 freeze on rent increases to expire and has revised its rent-repayment schedule to align with state law.

Late last month, the City Council voted to sunset its temporary rent cap as of Oct. 31. The order prohibited rent increases for the city’s pre-1995 apartments during the coronavirus pandemic.

Glendale still has their Rental Rights program which still would require for buildings built before February 1, 1995 and that have at least 5 or more units to serve an offer of a one-year lease with any rent increase 90 days before a tenant’s lease is to expire.

If the above-mentioned fits their description, as a refresher, the 90-day lease offer with a rent increase that would be required is still only for tenants who are currently in a lease or will be having their lease expiring soon. This requirement means that 90 days before their lease expires, or if the landlord missed out on giving a rent increase with a lease offer 90 days before a lease expired, the landlord is required to give the tenant that 90-day notice for a rent increase as well as the offer of the one-year lease.

For tenants who are still on month to month, the landlord only has to give a 30-day notice for a rent increase with the offer of a one-year lease.

The statewide rent control of 5.7% still applies to Glendale residential units.

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