Burbank Rent Control Ordinance

Here we go again!

Despite the residents of Burbank voting over 63% against local rent control measures 2 years ago, the mayor of Burbank is trying to slide it in by way of a city council ordinance.

There was a good turnout last Tuesday to oppose any consideration of an additional level of bureaucracy, in addition, to the fact, there is already a statewide rent control & tenant protections in effect.

A group is forming to ensure Burbank doesn’t incorporate this failed measure that would be a negative impact on the city, on housing providers and ultimately in the long run, the renters

We encourage you to check back on this same website www.burbankrentcontrol.com for updates, and developments concerning the matter. If you would like to learn more, get involved, or offer information, call the Alexanian Apartment Advisors offices at 818 239-1206 or email us at info@alexanianadvisors.com

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